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S4 4 x 36 industrial abrasives belt sanderis great for sharping knifes, and other blades! This unit can hold all forms of 4 x 36 belts which will allow you to get your desired finish.

Kalamazoo Industries S4 4 x 36 industrial belt sander is sold with a 1/2hp 1ph, 110V motor. Great for general deburring and sanding whether it being used in a machine shop, wood working shop and other fabrication shops. 

Kalamazoo Industries S4 4 x 36 industrial abrasive belt sander is an all-purpose abrasive belt sander works great- for wood, metal and plastics (check with your belt supplier to get you the correct grit sanding belt.)

This two position belt sander head can either be place in a vertical position or horizontal position.  All that has to be done is take out the socket head screws rotate head and replace socket head crews and tighten, and re-track belt

S4 4 x 36 inch belt sander machine specifications

  • 1/2 HP (1 HP available) 1 phase /110/220/60hz.

  • Vertical or Horizontal position, 4″ x6″ cast iron platen

  • 3450 RPM

  • 4″ x 36″ abrasive sanding belt

  • pre-set spring belt tension

  • Dimensions: W18″ x H17″ x D 7″

  • 46 lbs

  • Model S4

Other 4″ x 36 belt sanding unit options:

  • S4S

  • S4SV

  • S4SWB

  • S4SWBD

S4 4 x 36 industrial abrasives belt sander has applications in the following industries: Energy, Oil/Natural Gas, Petro/Chemical, Automotive, working working shops, fabrication shops, machine shops, metal foundries, as well as many other Manufacturing and Fabrication environments

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