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Kalamazoo Industries Inc. Industrial Abrasive Belt Sanders

Our belt sanders are designed for deburring, graining, metallurgical polishing, flattening surfaces.

We manufacture both wet or dry belt sanders in widths from 1” to 14” wide and special length belt sanders on request manufactured right here in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA!

Several Kalamazoo Industries industrial belt sanders can be positioned in either a horizontal or vertical position so it will be easier for your deburring and polishing applications.

What is also great about all of these industrial belt sanders is that you can place any style belt on it so you can achieve your desired finish.

What these belt sanders are designed to do

  • Sand and deburr
  • Round an edge
  • Round an end
  • Bevel

What materials can belt sanders sand? 

Belt sanders are versatile tools that can sand various materials with the right belt.  Below is a short list of what these units can sand

  • Metal
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • PVC

Where can this equipment be used?

Kalamazoo Industries Inc. Industrial Abrasive belt sanders have applications in the following industries: Energy, Oil/Natural Gas, Petro/Chemical, Knife Manufacturing, Automotive, Metal Foundries, as well as many other Manufacturing and Fabrication environments.