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The BG260HS 2 x 60 inch industrial belt grinder is a heavy duty direct drive unit with an 8″x2″ 70 durometer with standard serrations contact wheel with a clear right side for inside corner shaping. The high surface speed of 5400 SFPM delivers quick metal removal with minimal heat.

The BG260 series grinder features a 2″ x 12″ x 1/2″ reversible platen, easy one-knob tracking, a 2″ x 3″ dual purpose work table for the contact wheel and the top platen, spring loaded belt tension and quick belt change. The 3HP, 3450RPM motor is available for 110/220 single-phase, or 220/440 3-phase operation. The grinder is available as a bench model, or with heavy-duty steel legs and an optional dust collector.

Great grinder for the following applications:

You bevel, deburr, round an end, flat work, descaling, grinding, roughing, angles, snagging and much more.

BG260HS 2 x 60 Inch Industrial Belt Grinder, 2 x 60 inch industrial belt grinder
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BG260HS 2 x 60 inch industrial belt grinder specifications

  • Heavy Duty Direct Drive

  • 2″x60″ Belt

  • 3HP, 1PH, 110/220 or 3PH 220/440 3450 RPM, Manual switch.

  • 8″ contact wheel-right side clear for corner sanding

  • 5400 SFPM

  • 2″x12″x1/2″ reversible platen

  • Easy one knob  Tracking

  • 2″x3″ work table, dual purpose for contact wheel and top platen

  • Spring loaded belt tension, quick belt change

  • Model: BG260HS

  • Shipping dimensions: L 48″ x W 40″ x H 37″

  • Shipping weight: 200 lbs

  • Single phase amp draw: 115V 24 amps and 220V 12 amps.

  • Three phase amp draw: 220V 8.4 amps and 440V 4.2 amps.

Also available without stand
Model: BG260H

Wt: 110 lbs.

Also available with dust collector base, DCV-6

Model: BG260HV

Wt: 350 lbs.