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K7B 7 inch abrasive chop saw is designed

The Kalamazoo Industries, K7B 7 inch abrasive chop saw is designed to be compacted, ridged, work in all shops that has 115V power source. This chop saw will cut through most steel quickly with the right abrasive cutoff wheel. This unit isn’t limited to steel you can also cut reinforced rubber hose.

The K7B 7” Kalamazoo Industries industrial cutoff saw features a 1HP 1PH 110V TEFC motor, ½” wheel arbor, screw vise, adjustable work length stop, adjustable down stop.  This saw is capable of housing a 7” cutoff wheel. The Kalamazoo Industries, K7B 7 inch cutoff saw is designed to cut 1” solid mild steel and 2” pipe.

K7B 7 inch industrial machine specifications

  • Kalamazoo Industries, K7B 7 inch abrasive chop saw cutting capacities: 1″ solid round, 2″ pipe.
  • Adjustable work length stop and down stop furnished. Optional steel stand #12P
  • 1/2″ wheel arbor, 7″diameter abrasive wheel. 1 hp TEFC motor 1 ph (110 or 220 volt) 4800RPM at spindle.
  • Cast iron saw base.
  • Cast aluminum saw arm.
  • 115V FLA: 9.8 amps.
  • Please specify voltage. With cord and switch.
  • Less abrasive wheel.
  • Spindle RPM – 4800.
  • Shipping dimensions – L 17″ x W 30″ x H 28″
  • Shipping weight: 115 lbs.
  • Made in USA!

Part replacement

All parts that Kalamazoo Industries manufacture’s for the 7 inch industrial abrasive cutoff saw are replaceable no matter the age of this unit.  All parts are kept in stock.

Where this equipment can be used

The K7b 7 inch industrial abrasive chop saw is used in the following industries: Energy, Oil/Natural Gas, Petro/Chemical, Knife Manufacturing, Automotive, Metal Foundries, as well as many other Manufacturing and Fabrication environments.

For more information on making the abrasive saw work for you check this article out from the fabricator:

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K7B 7″ abrasive chop saw cutting pipe