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Kalamazoo Industries K12-14W 14 inch wet abrasive chop saw is designed for metallurgical laboratories that need to slice through sections of metal samples, such as coupons, to inspect their internal properties. 

K12-14W wet abrasive cutoff saw has a powerful 5HP 1PH (220V ony) or 3PH (220V or 440V). This unit runs at 2200 RPM at spindle.

Get beautiful, bright cuts on tool steel, end mills & drills and hard alloys with a optional power down feed system! The optional air/oil power down feed system is an adjustable 0-12 FPM feed rate, with momentary override for rapid approach.

Add a power down feed on this K12-14W 14 inch wet abrasive cutoff saw for controlled feed rates for smooth finishes.

Kalamazoo Industries K12-14W 14 inch wet abrasive chop saw is great for cutting solid carbide with a diamond blade!

K12-14W 14 inch industrial saw specifications.

  • Magnetic switch, 24 volt at switch

  • 2200 spindle speed.

  • 1″ spindle arbor, LH thd. ,  Optional: 32mm arbor

  • Uses 12″ or 14″ abrasive wheel, not included.

  • Two cam lock vises.

  • 10 Gallon coolant tank with pump and splash guard.

  • Heavy duty cast iron arm, trunnion. Heavy duty steel base.

  • Options: Power down feed, #PH-14, Oscillation # OSC-18

  • Work length stop. # KWL

  • Shipping dimensions L 51″ x W 37″ x H 64″, Weight: 700 lbs.

  • 3PH amp draws: 230V 13.9 amps and 440V 6.7 amps

  • 3PH pump amp draws: 230V .9 amps and 440V 5.2 amps

  • 1PH amp draw: 230V 19.5 amps

  • 1PH pump amp draw: 1.5 amps

  • 5 HP, 1 PH (220V only) or 3 PH (220V/440V), 1725 RPM motor.  50HZ and 575V units are also available unit.

  • CE approved

  • Capacities: 2.5″ solids, 3″ pipe

  • Options: air/oil power down feed, oscillation, air vises, and t-slot table.

  • Model: K12-14W.

14 inch chop saw product has applications in the following industries: energy, oil/natural gas, petro/chemical, metallurgical laboratories, automotive, metal foundries, as well as many other manufacturing  and Fabrication shops.

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