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K12-14V 14 Inch abrasive chop saw & vacuum base that’s a metal saw is great for cutting many forms of various ferrous steel bars, flat stock, tubing quickly with the right abrasive cutoff wheel.

K12-14V 14 Inch abrasive saw chop saw & vacuum base metal cutting saw is a power abrasive chop saw with with either 5HP 1PH (220V only) or 3PH (220V or 440V). This manual chop saw can accept a 12″ or 14″ reinforced and or non-reinforced abrasive cutoff wheel.

K12-14V abrasive chop keeps most dirt and other materials contained within the integral hood and vacuum base system. 

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K12-14V 14 Inch abrasive chop saw & vacuum base:

  • The K14B is mounted on a DCV-6 dust collector/vacuum.
  • 400 CFM with hood.
  • Single cam lock vise.
  • Dust collector has replaceable metal mesh filter element.
  • Manual switch on saw and dust collector.
  • Dimensions L 25″ x W 17″ x H 55″
  • Uses 12″ or 14″ abrasive wheels. 1″ wheel arbor.
  • 5 hp, Available 1 PH (220V only) or 3 PH (220/440V), also available are 50 hz and 575 volt.
  • 4400 Spindle RPM.
  • Wt. 525 lbs.
  • Capacities: 2.5″ solids, 3 ” pipe.
  • Model: K12-14V

The K12-14V is great for great for fast cuts on angle iron, flat bar, tubing, fiberglass or whatever you need to cut fast!

Designed for but not limited to

  • Welding and fabrication shops

  • Machine Shops

  • Automotive shops