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Kalamazoo Industries 1CC 5C collet fixture

The 1CC 5C collet fixture (less collets) is designed for short runs using a 5C collet chuck.  All you need to do is chuck the collet holder in your chuck and lock it using an Allen wrench and you’re ready to get to work.

The benefits of the 1CC 5C collet fixture: it’s dead length, no set up required and has a through hole for long parts.

The Kalamazoo Industries 1CC 5C collet fixture is an all steel design, hardened and ground, drilled and tapped holes at rear of collet chuck for mounting to a plate.  You can mount this fixture in 4th axis, vertical, horizontal mills and machining centers.

Kalamazoo Industries 1CC 5C collet fixture specifications 

  • 5C collet chuck for short runs,quick set up!   Chuck the OD in your power or manual chuck for quick set up on 5C collets.
    Don’t remove your power or manual  chuck just use the 1CC .  1/2 turn lock and release.  Dead length ! Thru Hole!
  • Infinite adjustment of 5C collet by threading collet in or out then 1/2 turn lock.
  • Mount in: vertical/horizontal mills or machining centers, 4th axis, Etc.
  • Stack units for multiple parts. Hardened and ground.
  • Drilled/tapped holes and pilot in rear for fixture mount.
  • Includes Hex Key, Weight: 8 lbs. Made in USA !!
  • Dim. 3″W x 3-1/2″L

Part replacement 

Cam and set screw and socket head cap screw can be replace regardless of the units age.

Where can this item be use?

This 1CC 5C collet fixture can be use in any various size lathes.

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