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The 6 x 48 inch Industrial belt sander

The 6 x 48 inch industrial belt sander

The 6 x 48 inch belt sander is designed to be used in various work shops such as fabrication shops, machine shops, school shops and woodworking shops and can sand various ferrous/non-ferrous metals with the right abrasive belt. Whats great about these sanding units, that they are designed to accommodate different 6 x 46 inch belts so you can get the finish that you want.

All of our 6 x 48 inch belt sanders are built with a heavy duty 3HP or 1PH or 3PH, multi position sanding head, adjustable work table with 5/8th inch slot, reversible  and replaceable steel platen, spring belt tension, cast iron sander base and frame.

We manufacture several different 6 x 48 inch belt sanders.  These 6 x 48 inch heavy duty sanders are available as a wet sander, dry sander and with a dust collector.

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The wrap up

Again these heavy duty belt sanders can be used in an work shop because of it’s rigidity and friendly power requirements.

Contact us at (269) 382-2050 with your application,we’ll get you pricing and learn where to purchase these 6 x 48 inch belt sanders.

This equipment is manufacture here in Kalamazoo, Michigan 49048.