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Kalamazoo 2FSM 2 x 48 inch belt sander

Kalamazoo 2FSM 2 x 48 inch belt sander

Tired of replacing your imported abrasive 2 x 48 inch belt sander every few years because the motor has burnt out, the pulley’s that drive the sander have been worn out and or your work area platen is no longer a flat surface?

The Kalamazoo 2FSM heavy duty abrasive sander is manufactured right here in Kalamazoo Michigan and uses a powerful 1/2HP 1PH 110V TEFC motor.

All parts of the 2FSM industrial sander are replaceable regardless of the units age.  This includes: the 1/2HP 1PH  motor, steel platen, idler (top) pulley, drive (bottom) pulley, steel work table and belt guard.

We feel this is positive benefit for the customer because you don’t have spend a whole bunch of money on a new sander because of a warn out part.

What’s also really cool about the 2FSM heavy duty belt sander is that it has a multi position head so you place the head any various positions and a removable work table and platen so you can slack belt sand.

In conclusion

If you have a sanding application that a 2 x 48 inch multi position sander can’t accommodate to check out what sander might be appropriate for your application by clicking hereClick here to see all of our belt sanders and give us a call at (269) 382-2050.

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