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Industrial wood working belt sanders

Industrial wood working belt sanders

We manufacture various size industrial wood working belt sanders starting  at 1 inch and go all the way up to 14 inch wide belts to be used in various wood working applications such as joint clean up and flattening. Additionally each of our heavy duty belt sanders can accommodate many different belts so you can achieve your desired finish.

The Kalamazoo heavy duty 1 x 42 inch up to 2 x 48 inch sanders have removable work tables and platens so you shape and do joint clean up, beveling and rounding an edge with ease and the Kalamazoo 6 x 48 inch up to 14 inch  x 103 inch belt sanders were designed to flatten surfaces, joint clean up, beveling and rounding an edge.

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Part replacement

All parts that Kalamazoo Industries manufacture’s for our industrial abrasive sanding units are replaceable no matter the age of this unit. Additionally all parts are kept in stock so they will ship quickly.

In conclusion

Each of these heavy duty wood working sanders have vacuums available that can be purchased with the sander or at a later date.  Secondly there are replacement parts available for each of these units regardless of age.

For information regarding abrasive belts check out the article that we’ve post a few weeks back “Having the right belt for your application”