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What to look for in a high quality abrasive chop saw

Having a chop saw go out on you in the middle of a job isn’t fun but rather aggravating because the way today’s industrial abrasive cutoff saws are manufactured aren’t manufactured like they we’re back in the 60’s, 70’s and or even 1980’s.  Today the abrasive chop saws are made cheaper and frankly not as heavy duty. What I mean by not as “HEAVY DUTY” is using many plastic components.

But that’s okay if you need it for a couple of jobs and or your just starting out so it doesn’t make sense to spend a whole bunch of money at first on a saw until you can afford a more heavy duty unit or you have the sales to justify that saw. But if you plan on using the cutoff saw on hundreds of jobs or you have the the budget that allows you splurge and or you have the sales to justify that purchase.

In our opinion there are two kinds of industrial abrasive chop saws: First, you have your contractors chop saw which needs to be lite weight so they can be easily moved from job site to job site and  secondly, you have your industrial type abrasive cutoff saws which are designed to hold up in tough environments such as metal foundries or fabrication shops and other heavy use work environments.

Below we cover what you need to look for in a high quality abrasive chop saw.

  • Where is the abrasive chop saw produced?
  • What material goes into making that abrasive chop saw?  Is it plastic, steal and or aluminum?
  • Is the machine produce in away that you can easily replace the parts?
  • What type of switch is used to turn your unit on or off? Depending on the HP or PH of the saw it is it could be a toggle switch, rotary switch and or magnetic switch.
  • The type of motor that is used to run your abrasive chop?
  • What bearings are used in the spindle?  Are they cheap bearings and or are they sealed ball bearings that don’t need to be greased?
  • Is your abrasive chop saw v-belt driven?  Are they a high quality v-belt and or are they a low quality v-belt?
  • What goes into making the motor that will eventuality power the cutoff saw?  Is a cheap motor that uses inferior materials and or is it a little more expensive but the quality of materials that used to produce that motor are better.
  • Where is the metal being produced that goes into producing of that metal chop saw.

Replacement parts

All of our equipment has replaceable parts regardless of the units age.  This is great for you.  You wont have to spends thousands of dollars on a new cutoff saw, sander and or grinder.  To get your equipment replacement parts on order today go to the Kalamazoo Industries replacement parts store by clicking here.

In conclusion

These items that discussed above are what you should look for in a high quality industrial abrasive chop saw.   So if you have an up coming job that you need a heavy duty chop saw give us a call at (269) 382-2050 to discuss your application and click here to go our abrasive chop saw page.

We manufacturer wet cutoff saws and dry cutoff saws. also we have open, semi-open and fully enclosed abrasive cutoff saws.

We use cast iron, cast aluminum, aluminum and hot and cold rolled steel, Baldor and Leeson motors on all of our units.  And very little plastic is used on our equipment so our equipment will last you a long time.  So again give us a call at (269) 382-2050 Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:25 pm eastern standard time.

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