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Most common problems and solutions to those problems

Is your belt sander or belt grinder not tracking?  Is your abrasive chop saw bouncing when you cut your material? In today’s blog we cover the  most common problems and solutions to those problems.

Not having an abrasive sanding belt not tracking and or a cutoff wheel not cutting straight can be frustrating.  But nine times out of ten these are simple fixes that most people over look when these issues arise. below we go over many of those problems and what to do to correct those issues.

P: Abrasive wheels are bouncing when blade comes into contact with the parts.

S: Bring part front of center at least ¼” from center (some experimenting will need to be done).

P: My abrasive chop saw and or sander is rusting.

S: Use a coolant with an anti-rusting agent.

P: My abrasive saw spindle stopped rotating when the motor is spinning when I go to cut.

S: Depending on age the new v-belts either they have stretched after the first few cuts or need to tighten and or they have worn out. Either tighten v-belts by losing the four bolts and push the motor away from spindle and or replace v-belts.

P: My abrasive wheels walk when trying to cut my material.

S: You most likely have an inferior blade that’s not breaking down while it’s using to cut the material. So go with a reliable abrasive cutoff blade from a reputable manufacturer. The other possibility is the shape of part and needing to fixture it properly.

P: When I go to track my sanding belt it doesn’t stay tracked.

S: The drive pulley crown is worn and the pulley will need to be replaced or there is crud build up on the tension shaft and its needs a good cleaning or the spring is shot and needs to be replaced.  The other possibility is the belt wasn’t cut and glued right.  What you you will need to do is get another belt from a different batch.  If you have done this then the drive pulley needs to be replaced.

Replacement parts

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In conclusion 

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