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What to look for in a high quality industrial belt sander

Are you purchasing your first industrial belt sander or are looking to up grade? And your not sure what to look for in a high quality industrial belt sander? There are a many items on the belt sander that you want to look for so you get a high quality abrasive belt sanding equipment that run’s efficiently for you for a long time.

  • What kind of motor is being used and where is it made, on the belt sander that your looking at?  At Kalamazoo Industries we use only USA MADE motors on all of our sanders whether it’s a 1 x 42 inch belt sander and or 14 inch belt sander.  Secondly our motors are designed to work correctly and effectively in all environments so you wont have any issues.

  • On the abrasive belt sander that your looking at are the parts (specifically wear parts) replaceable such as the pulley’s, platen, bearings, motor, switch and work table. Also where those replacement parts in stock?  All parts for our sanders are replaceable regardless of the unit age and we have those replacement parts in stock in Kalamazoo and generally ship out the day you order that part (order cutoff time to ship out the same day is 1:30 pm EST) and or the following business day.  What’s great about our replacement parts they will fit your equipment every time.

  • The material that goes into manufacturing the industrial abrasive sander that your looking at.  Is it made up mostly plastic, steel and or cast iron? Our belt sanders depending on the sander is made of up of mostly steel and cast iron and we use very little plastic.

  • Even though it doesn’t go into manufacturing of the belt sander is customer service.  This is very import, because if you have an issue with your industrial equipment does the manufacturer provide a contact number that you can call to help trouble shoot your sander issues and or call to order replacement parts?  Kalamazoo Industries does have such a number which is(269) 382-2050.  You can call us to help you trouble shoot an issue that has come up with your sander and or call to order replacement parts.   Secondly we’re based in Kalamazoo Michigan and we speak English so we can be understood.

What is great, we have just added an online parts store so you can order your parts 24/7. Check it out by clicking here and get your replacement parts on order today.

So first and foremost check out our sander page by clicking here to be taken to that page.  Plus give us a call with all your sanding applications.  We can be reached at (269) 382-2050 Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm est.

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