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Having the right belt sander for your belt sander

Having the right belt sander for your application is important and things that you need to think about prior to making your belt sander purchase.  First, thing to think about is belt quality (good, better and best) the better, the better the results you will have.  Secondly what is the sanding producer are you looking to do? You do you want to deburr? If you’re looking to blend welds? And or polish? Third, what material will you be working with? Will you be working with carbon steel which an aluminum oxide belt would get the job done? And or will you be working with a super alloy which you will need a ceramic alumina belt to get the job down because the hardness of the material. Fourth:  will you need to deburr moderate amount of material then you will need a coarser grit belt.  Lastly does your application require you to sand wet and or dry? Dry belts for dry sanders are manufactured different, than belts for wet machines.

To sum things up. Having the right belt for your belt sander is important so you get the finish that you desire with the material that you’re working with.

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