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Best practices

Below we go over some of the best practices that you should follow when you first receive, hook up and operate your brand spanking new Kalamazoo Industries equipment.  This list is good for all of industrial equipment whether its a abrasive saw, belt sander and or belt grinder.

  1. Receiving the equipment: prior to sign the bill of lading inspect the out side and the inside for for any possible damage freight damage.  If there is and sign of damage file a claim or refuse shipment with the trucking company.
  2. Inspecting your new equipment: go over the equipment owners manual and make sure you and the people who will operating the unit understand the do’s and dont’s of that piece of equipment.
  3. Inspecting v-belts for any damage. 
  4. Inspecting all sanding belts (if your machine is a belt sander and or belt grinder) for any form of damage.
  5. Hooking up your Kalamazoo Industries equipment: whether it’s a chop saws, belt sanders and or belt grinders.  If your machine is anything other than 115V have a certified electrician hook your unit up. Note: if any of electrics are damaged because it was hooked up wrong those electric’s aren’t covered under warranty. 
  6. Firing up your belt sander for the first time: Make sure your belt sanders belt is tracked. Even though we track it at the factory, it could have changed while the machine was in transit. So you need to check and correct tracking prior to using your equipment.
  7. Operating your abrasive chop saw: make sure you have the correct cutoff wheel that’s designed to operate at the speed the spindle is set at.  Dry abrasive chop saws spindle speed is faster than the spindle speed of a wet abrasive chop saw.
  8. Weekly inspection: Go over your equipment weekly with a fine toothed comb and make sure the v-belts, fasteners are tight and if your machine is wet change coolant. Make sure the coolant that you use is a grinding coolant that has an anti rusting agent in it so your equipment doesn’t rust.
  9. Instruct all equipment operators who will be operating this equipment.
  10. Inspect all equipment guarding after receiving the equipment and prior to ever use for damage or missing guards.
  11. If your machine has a vacuum system inspect all filters and or bags for damage and or being completely full.

Following these best practices that we cover above you will be off to a great start.

Replacement parts

Need replacement parts for your Kalamazoo Industries saw, sander and grinder. Click here to be redirected to the Kalamazoo Industries replacement part store.

Applications/Contacting us

Thank you for reading “Best practices” In the mean time if you have any questions and or in the market for an abrasive chop saw, belt sander and or belt grinder go to our web page by clicking here and give us a call with your applications. We can be reached at (269) 382-2050.

All over our equipment is manufactured here in Kalamazoo,MI 49048.

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