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What are the differences between a belt sander and belt grinder?

What are the differences between a belt sander and belt grinder? This is a very common question that we are asked on a daily basis.

The belt sander was designed to do general material removal whether it’s wood and or metal.  If your sanding wood, the wood won’t burn  because of the slower belt speed,  nor will the belt sander remove a whole bunch of material all at once so you’ll have time to work the material they way want it and if your sanding metal you be able to remove all sharp edges and round corners quickly.  Additionally you only have one area to sand which is around the work table and platen.

If your looking to remove a whole bunch of material such as remove risers from a casting and just remove a lot of steel quickly then you’ll need a belt grinder.  The belt grinder belt speed typically runs double from what the belt speed of the belt of a belt sander is running at.

For example: The 2FSM 2 x 48 inch Kalamazoo Industries belt sander belt speed is around 4500 SFPM and the Kalamazoo BG248 2 x 48 inch Kalamazoo Industries belt speed is around 7200 SFPM.

Because of the of SFPM your material remains cool to the touch while grinding so there isn’t any need for coolant to keep your steel cool.  Additionally the belt grinder is has two areas that your able to grind on which is the steel platen and the contact wheel.

These are the main differences between the belt sander and belt grinder.

Replacement parts

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In conclusion

In the mean time contact us with your sanding and or grinding applications so we can assist you in determine whether you need a belt sander and or belt grinder.

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