Industrial multi use belt grinders, knife grinding, metal removal, industrial, multi use belt grinders
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Industrial multi use belt grinders

Kalamazoo Industries manufacturers many different industrial multi use belt grinders for various grinding applications such as knife grinding and quick metal removal and belt grinders that would be in foundries.

Many of our industrial belt grinders evolved from a customers specific applications such as The BG142 1 x 42 inch, BG248 2 x 48 inch and BG448 4 x 48 inch belt grinders.  These belt grinders are designed to be used in casting clean up, knife grinding, knife sharpening and heavy duty metal removal.

Many of our industrial multi use belt grinders are multi position so you can place your belt grinder in a certain location so you can operate the unit comfortably.

We have many different size grinders they start from 1 x 42 inch, 2 x 48 inch wide belts and go up to 6 inch wide belts.

Replacement parts

Like all of our equipment our heavy duty grinders have replaceable parts regardless of the units age.   To get those replacement parts on order click here to be take to our online parts store. All standard replacement parts are kept in stock and generally ship that day unless they are order after 1:00 PM.

In conclusion 

Contact us with your application today by calling us at (269) 382-2050 and go to our belt grinder site.

All of our belt grinders are manufactured here in Kalamazoo Michigan.

Industrial multi use belt grinders, knife grinding, 2 x 48 inch , industrial, 1 x 42 inch, metal removal
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