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Do I use a chop saw and or band saw for my application?

Do I use a chop saw and or band saw for my application?

We have been asked this question many times throughout the years.   They both are terrific saws and both have there place in the work shop.  It all boils down what your looking to do.

The chop saw in our opinion is more versatile than the band saw.  For a few reasons, if your looking to cut your material quick, have decent end cuts, cut alloys, and or have a desirable finish then you want a chop saw.

With a chop saw many secondary processes can be eliminated so you can take your material right to fabrication department and or metallurgical lab.

As we said a band saw has it’s place in the work shop as well.  If you looking to cut in bundles, you don’t care what the ends look like because it’s going to get machined anyways.   Then the band saw is for you.

Lastly in most cases the abrasive cutoff wheel can be less expensive than a band saw blade.

In conclusion

It all depends what you want the next process is going to be are you going to put your material into a CNC, is going to paint and or is it going to the weld room to be welded? In the mean time check out what abrasive chop saw we have to offer by clicking here and give us a call with your application.  We can be reached at (269) 382-2050.

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