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In the market for a industrial belt sander

Your in the market for a industrial belt sander because your current sander is on it’s last leg or you need a sander because you have a new project coming up and your current sanders wont work for whatever reason.

Below is a list of questions that will need to be answered by you and or your team to match you up with the correct sander:

  1. What time of finish do you need?  Do you need just to do lite deburring and or do you need a polished finish?

  2. How much material will you be sanding daily?

  3. How big is your material that your looking to sand?

  4. How are you sanding your material now?

  5. Do you want to sander wet and or dry?

  6. Do you want to sander vertical and or horizontal? When your sanding large material most times it will be easier to sander on horizontal unit rather than a vertical unit.

When you have these questions answer give us a call so we can find the right sander for your application. In the mean time click here to be redirected to our belt sander page. 

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