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Why isn’t my abrasive cutoff saw not cutting my material correctly?

Why isn’t my abrasive cutoff saw not cutting my material correctly? We get this question on a regular basis from many of our customers who have purchase one of our abrasive chop saws.

  1.  We have to start off with the material that your cutting? The type of steel that your industrial chop saw is going to be cutting, size of the material, solid or tubing and or hardness of the material that your cutting.

  2. We then have to move to the cutoff  saw that you have purchased to cut your material. Is there enough horse power driving that industrial abrasive saw enough?  You have to remember you have mild steel being generally soft to the alloy’s which tends to be hard.  Just because the size of the machine was designed to cut the material but the horse power that drives that saw may not be enough to handle that material

  3. We have to then focus on the abrasive cutoff wheel.  General rule of thumb is harder the material is, the softer the abrasive cutoff wheel needs to be and the softer the material is the harder the wheel needs to be.  Each abrasive cutoff wheel will cut your material differently so there will be some trial and error to find the correct wheel that will cut your material. To help you this we recommend contacting your local abrasive cutoff wheel expert. 

Above list of things to go over will help you answer “Why isn’t my abrasive cutoff saw not cutting my material correctly?”

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