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Kalamazoo Industries online replacement part store

The Kalamazoo Industries online replacement part store is a terrific online source for all your Kalamazoo Industries replacement parts.  Most of the parts that go into manufacturing our equipment will be available online for purchase. You will be able to see what your purchasing prior to purchasing those items.

Orders that weigh 115 pounds and up go UPS or if you select local pickup and in the notes section we can ship UPS collect and or FedEx.  In order to ship UPS collect and or FedEx click local pick up and put your account number.   Anything replacement part that weighs less will be able to ship USPS.

This is great because it gives YOU many different shipping options for the replacement parts for your Kalamazoo tools.

Many repair items for the Kalamazoo Industries equipment that are ordered on online store before 1:00 pm est that doesn’t have to be painted will ship that day. Any replacement item that is order past the cut off time and or have to be painted yellow will ship the next business day.

This is a online replacement parts store is really exciting because this makes it SIMPLE and EASY for YOU so there aren’t any order, credit card number errors and or ship to error’s.  You will be able to see exactly what you are ordering. We’re always adding equipment parts all the time.

Whats also great Kalamazoo Industries online store is SECURED and your information WON’T BE SOLD!

What’s New!

We’ve added a couple of new sections to our website.   Some items on those two new sections are available for purchase.   The first section is Industrial Work Holding and Industrial Coolant Tank And Pump Accessories.

We’ve always sold cam vise, air vises and chain vises with equipment depending on what the cutoff saw was.  If it was anything else the customer would need to figure out how to clamp there material.   We now have the capabilities to find a solution for your clamping needs with the purchase of a new saw.   Each vise is custom made to handle your material.  To see what vises and fixtures that we’ve done to date click here.

We’ve also add Industrial coolant tank and pump accessories.  We’ve added this for various reasons.  You made need a tank, pump and other items. So Check out this page by clicking here.

Why having spare parts on the shelf is important?

I want to start off by saying this isn’t a ploy to sell more parts.  Why we are suggesting that you do this is that when your in the middle of cutting, sanding and or grinding your parts and your Kalamazoo equipment stops working, that means your down until those replacement parts come in, depending on the situation such as do that parts have to get painted and how did you wanted them ship.   If your parts have to be painted gray and you order them in the morning they will generally ship out that day.  If your parts have to be painted yellow they will generally ship the following business day.  Reason being yellow takes longer to dry.

Then you have shipping to factor in.  If your on the Gulf Coast and or on the West Coast that’s about 3 to 5 business days (not factoring in the weather) to get to you.

With that being said, which ever machine have, I would keep those replacement parts on the shelf so your machine doesn’t have to be down any longer than it needs to been.  I would recommend keeping  bearings, pulley’s, v-belts and spindles on the shelf.

In conclusion

So go and check out the Kalamazoo Industries online store by clicking here to get your replacement parts on order for you Kalamazoo Industries tool now! If you don’t see the replacement parts on our online store give us a call at (269) 382-2050.

Tips to have a good quality part cuts.
Having the correct belt sander for your application
Have the right abrasive chop saw for your application