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2FSMV 2 x 48 inch belt sander with vacuum base

Kalamazoo Industries 2FSMV 2 x 48 inch belt sander with vacuum base was designed for general material removal whether you’re sanding, rounding, blending, intricate finishing work, flattening an end and or just deburring while keeping your work space clean.

This belt sander with vacuum base features include the following: 2 x 48 inch sander, 1/2HP 1PH 110V TEFC motor, spring belt tension, quick part replacement, quick belt tracking, vacuum base removable steel platen and adjustable work table.

The DCV-4 vacuum is 110V 1PH industrial vacuum, replaceable dust filter and the 100 CFM.  This CFM will help keep your work area clean.

The Kalamazoo Industries 2FSMV sander with vacuum base can accommodate many different style 2” x 48” belts so you can achieve your desired finish. You can put a sand/deburr, you can put a 3M Scotch Brite belt and a lapping belt.

Because the steel platen and steel work table are removable you can slack belt sand which allows the belt to conform to most round material. What is also great about this sanding unit is that both the sander and vacuum base is running at 110V it can be used in any work shop.

This 2FSMV 2 x 48 inch belt sander is great for sanding both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Equipment Replacement parts

Depending on the situation it typically will take an equipment operator about 1 to 2 minutes to change out the broken part and replace it with the newly purchased replacement part and about another minute or so to do some belt tracking if necessary.    Again we do our best to keep everything simple so down time is minimized.

To check out our replacement part store for the 2FSMV belt sander and built in vacuum base click here.

In conclusion 

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