Most common problems and solutions, part placement
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Most common problems and solutions

Below are some of the most common problems and solutions:

P: Blade is bouncing when blade comes into contact with the parts.

S: Bring part front of center at least ¼” from center (some   experimenting will need to be done).

P: My saw and or sander is rusting.

S: Use a coolant with an anti-rusting agent.

P: My saw spindle stopped rotating when the motor is spinning when I go to cut.

S: Depending on age the new v-belts either they have stretched after the first few cuts or need to tighten and or they have worn out. Either tighten v-belts by losing the four bolts and push the motor away from spindle and or replace v-belts.

P: My blade walks when trying to cut my material.

S: You most likely have an inferior blade that’s not breaking     down while it’s using to cut the material. So go with a reliable abrasive cutoff blade from a reputable manufacturer.

P: When I go to track my sanding belt it doesn’t stay tracked.

S: The drive pulley crown is worn and the pulley will need to be replaced or there is crud build up on the tension shaft and its needs a good cleaning or the spring is shot and needs to be replaced.