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Having the right belt for your belt sander is important

Having the right belt for your belt sander is important

Having the right belt for your belt sander is important and things that you need to think about prior to making your  purchase. If you don’t have the correct belt you may or may not have the out come you are looking for.  Below are a few suggestions that we suggest that you look at when your getting ready to not only purchase that new sander but sanding belt as well:

First: thing to think about is quality (good, better and best) the better belt the results you will have.

Secondly: what is the sanding are you looking to do? You do you want to deburr? If you’re looking to blend welds? And or polish?

Third: what material will you be working with? Will you be working with carbon steel which an aluminum oxide  would get the job done? And or will you be working with a super alloy which you will need a ceramic alumina to get the job down because the hardness of the material.

Fourth:  will you need to deburr moderate amount of material then you will need a coarser grit belt.

Lastly: does your application require you to sand wet and or dry? Dry belts for dry sanders are manufactured different, than belts for wet machines.

To sum things up. Having the right belt for your belt sander is important so you get the finish that you desire with the material that you’re working with.

Once you determine all this items listed above check out our belt sander page by clicking here and see what we have to offer and give us a call at (269) 382-2050 with your application so we can fit you with the right belt sander.

Industrial sander page

Whether your sanding wet or dry wet have may sanders available that will meet your needs.  You could be doing a quick deburr and or metallurgical sample sanding.  We can also modify current equipment to meet your sanding needs. To see our standard sanding equipment click here.

Part replacement store

Having the replacement parts that go to on your Kalamazoo saw, sander, grinder and fixtures is critical.  So visit the Kalamazoo Industries online part store to get your replacement parts on order today so your production level doesn’t slow down.  You can visit the online store by clicking here and you’ll be taken right to the store.  More parts are being adding on a regular basis.

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