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Maintaining your Kalamazoo Industries belt sander

Maintaining your Kalamazoo Industries belt sander is extremely import so your sander functions correctly for many years.  And yes that mean’s going through your equipment with a fine toothed comb and checking it from A to Z on a weekly basis.  Below is a list that you should follow to keep your belt sander running for many years to come.

  1. Pay attention to the sanding belts
    1. Release the sanding belts when not in operation.  That means take the tension off the belt when you go on break and or done using your belt sander for the day and or weekend.
  2. Clean belt sander daily
    1. All this takes is a air hose with nozzle.  This will keep your machine running properly for years to come because it debris free.
  3. Check your belt sanders v-belts often
    1. V-belts especially when new have a tendency to stretch and will need to be tighten accordingly.  There should be approximately about 1/4″ of squeeze. If you don’t keep up on this and the pulleys will wear out the v-belts and all will need to be replaced.
    2.  If your v-belts are older check for cracking and wear.  If those belts show signs of cracking and or wear replace ALL w-belts.  This needs to be done because of not only wear but tension as well and function as well.
  4. Check coolant and coolant tank if you have a wet sander
    1. The only coolant you should be using is coolant with a rust inhibitor in it.  Because if you don’t your machine will rust. And if its a new unit the warranty will be void.
    2. Replace coolant on a regular basis (follow coolant manufacturers instructions).
    3. Clean coolant tank every three or so.  Doing this will keep debris from getting sucked up into the pump and fry it.
  5. Check filter if your sander has a vacuum unit with it. 
    1. Clean filter daily.  This will not only extent the filter useful life but keep it from catching on fire and or negative affecting the suction of the vacuum.
    2. If you sand different material.  Dedicate a filter to that material and swap filters when switching material.  This will keep the filter from catching on fire.
  6. Clean out your vacuum unit. 
    1. Clean out and clean out vacuum and vacuum filter daily.
    2. If your sanding different materials and using the same vacuum clean vacuum and filter before sanding.  This will prevent the unit from catching on fire.

Maintaining your Kalamazoo Industries belt sander conclusion

So again make sure you do these simple tasks that are listed above such clean your industrial equipment weekly your heavy duty belt sander will function properly for many years to come.

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