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Choosing the correct abrasive cutoff wheel

Choosing the correct abrasive cutoff wheel is another critical piece to this puzzle because you have many different wheel grades with various hardness’s.

First you’ll have to determine what material you’ll want the cut, the size of the material and how much of it you’ll be cutting during a certain period.  A second thing you will need to determine is do you want to cut wet or dry. Reason is dry cutoff wheels are engineered to run at a faster RMP then wet cutoff wheels. If you decided that you’ll be cutting wet then you need to decide what kind of cut do you want, do you want to just lop the material off and or do you want a good metallurgical cut.  Lastly cheaper is not always better and you may not get your desired finish.  Quality of cheap chop saw blades is usually (but not always) fairly poor, so invest in some high quality blades so you can achieve your desired outcome without doing a secondary process.

A good good rule of thumb to keep in the back of your mind is harder the material the softer wheel you’ll want and softer the material is the harder the abrasive cutoff wheel you’ll need.   In the mean time check out the Kalamazoo Industries abrasive chop saws by clicking here.

Choosing the correct abrasive cutoff wheel to cut your material is trial and error.  So best place to start is contact your wheel supplier and if you don’t currently have one Kalamazoo Industries can help you out.

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