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Having the right abrasive chop saw for your application

Having the right abrasive chop saw for your application is one of three critical pieces of the puzzles for you to think about when looking for a particular cutoff saw to cut your material.

Their are few things to for you to think about when choosing your cutoff saw such as:

  • What material are you going to be cutting (carbon steel, stainless steel and or an alloy)
  • how much material will you be cutting?  If your going to be cutting a lot of metal you’ll want a bigger chop saw so you won’t be changing the abrasive wheels all the time,
  • How many cuts per day
  • What material will you be cutting?
  • Is your material solid or tubing?
  • Do you need to cut wet or dry?
  • What kind of cut do you to do? metallurgical cut and or will you just want to lop your material off for a secondary operation?

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In conclusion

These are just somethings you’ll want to be thinking about when specking out your Kalamazoo chop saw?  To see what chop saws Kalamazoo Industries has to offer click here to be redirected to our website

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