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You want to have the right amount of horse power

You want to have the right amount of horse power for your industrial chop saw.

The reason is if you don’t the material that you want to cut may not end up being cut or you many have a long cut time because the existing horse power on your abrasive chop saw may not be enough whether it’s mild steel, an alloy, and or even carbide.

You may have the right wheel but that’s not going to do you any good if you don’t have the right amount of ponies behind that industrial chop saw. So remember horse power and cutoff blades are two critical pieces of this puzzle.

So when you’re shopping for a heavy duty chop saw to cut your material you will also need to take into consideration material type and contact us at Kalamazoo Industries by calling (269) 382-2050 with your application questions and visit our abrasive chop saw web page by clicking here.

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