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Below are a list of just some of “Tips and tricks from Kalamazoo Industries”.  This “Tips and Tricks” list is always evolving to assist you improve your finish and out come with our equipment.

  • Clamp on both sides of the abrasive cutoff wheel and get as close to the blade as possible help achieve the most optimal cut as possible.
  • If you’re cutting hard material such as an alloy try a softer grade cutoff wheel.
  • If you’re cutting softer material such as mild steel try a harder grade cutoff wheel.
  • If your blade jumps when it comes into contact with your material adjust position of part. Make sure it’s at least ¼” from center up to ½”.
  • Check wearable parts (depending on use) at least weekly.
  • Check your news v-belts after the few cuts (new v-belt do stretch). There should be around ¼” of flex.
  • Any belt can be used on your Kalamazoo Industries belt sander and or belt grinder to achieve your desired finish.
  • If you’re using a wet saw and or sander make sure you use a grinding fluid coolant with an anti-rusting agent so your unit doesn’t rust.
  • If you’re using a wet saw and or sander clean out coolant tank after every shift so you’re pump doesn’t suck up the sludge and burn up.