DS12V 12 Inch Disc Sander & Vacuum Base

//DS12V 12 Inch Disc Sander & Vacuum Base

DS12V 12 Inch Disc Sander & Vacuum Base

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DS12V 12 inch disc sander & vacuum base great for all deburring job and all size shops. You can sand ferrous and not ferrous materials. Comes with vac base which will help keep down the dust.  You can put any PSA disc on this unit to get your desired finish.

You can bevel, deburr, round over an end, lite descaling and much more.

The Kalamazoo Industries DS12V disc sander has an enclosed base housing a 100 CFM vacuum dust collector to help contain abrasive particles produced during sanding. This can greatly improve the environmental conditions inside a shop. A door in the base allows easy access to the cloth bag filter, which can be removed, shaken out and easily replaced. Other features include a steel work table that tilts down to 45 degrees and up to 90 degrees, a 1 HP, 1 PH 110V direct drive motor, and a 12-inch diameter disc holder that accepts peel and stick PSA abrasive discs.

All Kalamazoo Industries machines are manufactured in the USA.

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