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Kalamazoo Industries Inc 1SM 1″ X 42″ industrial belt sander comes with a 1/3HP 1PH 110V  motor, removable platen and work table.  This general purpose sander is SFPM is 1800 which allows for lite and quick metal removal.

1SM Abrasive Belt Sander, Kalamazoo Industries Inc 1SM 1" X 42" Industrial Belt Sander

Another great benefit of the Kalamazoo Industries Inc 1SM 1 X 42 industrial belt sander is this unit can run slack belt.  This allows this belt sander to accommodate most shapes.

Kalamazoo Industries Inc 1SM 1 X 42 industrial belt sander is great compact unit for any size shop. Whether is a home shop and or a large manufacturing facility sitting next to a band saw and or a CNC.

Below is a video review of the Kalamazoo Industries 1SM 1″ x 42″ belt sander by Jim Porter

This industrial belt sander can handle most projects thrown at it from knife sharpening, to sanding wood (with the correct belt) and general deburring,

This unit is available with a vacuum base and with a full boxed .  This sander can accommodate most 1″ x 42″ belt from a buffing style belt to a scotch brite belt.

Lastly all parts will be available for this unit regardless of the age of the unit. So if you need replace the upper pulley because it’s warn out, no modifications will need to be done to make it work.