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Abrasive saws

Call them what you like, chop saws, hot saws, fire breathing dragons but they’re all ABRASIVE SAWS.  They come in various styles, wet abrasive, dry abrasive, mitre, straight cut, etc.. All are designed for specific uses and materials.  All use an “abrasive wheel, or blade”.  Basically the wheel or blade is a thin cookie made up of grains and bonds for certain materials which are then baked in an oven to cure the grain and bond into a solid abrasive wheel or blade.  All abrasive blades or wheels are not created equal.

Just like wood cutting blades there are abrasive blades designed for stainless steel, hardened material so hard you cannot cut it with a bandsaw, cold saw or even a file but you can cut it with an abrasive wheel.  Uses range from heat treated steel for metallurgical sampling or cutting case hardened hydraulic cylinder rod to just plain old angle iron for the fastest cut on the planet.  Abrasive saws can be very dirty and give off alot of sparks but they cut most any material other than a diamond if you use the correct abrasive wheel and enough horsepower.  With the correct  saw and abrasive wheel you will get cuts that are bright and not burned with minimal burr.  Look to Kalamazoo Industries, Inc. www.kalamazooind.com or our new site: www.kalamazooind.com for the best selections of machines to get the results you need, MADE IN THE USA IN KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN FOR  50 YEARS!

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