KM14HS, 14″ Manual Non-Ferrous Mitre Saw is built with a powerful 5HP 1PH, 220V (only) or 3PH, 220V or 440V Motor (specify voltage and phase at time of order).

KM14HS, 14″ manual non-ferrous mitre saw features cast iron construction, 4400 rpm spindle speed, sealed ball bearings, dual V-belt drive, and dual cam vises that open to 6″. Capacities are 2”x 6” at 90 degrees, and 4”x 3.5” at 45 degrees. The saw is available with a powerful 5HP motor in 220 volt 1ph, or 220/440/575 voltages 3ph.

KM14HS high speed non-ferrous mitre saw has applications in the following industries: Energy, Oil/Natural Gas, Petro/Chemical, Knife Manufacturing, Automotive, Metal Foundries, as well as many other Manufacturing and Fabrication environments.

Manufactured to house a 14″ non-ferrous saw blade.

Houses either 12″ or 14″ non-ferrous high speed blade in a retractable clam shell guard!

All factory parts are replaceable no matter the age of the saw!

Great for aluminum, brass, plastic!

Quick, Clean and Cool! 

  • 14″ high speed non-ferrous mitre saw (LESS HIGH SPEED NON-FERROUS BLADE).
  • Mitres 45 deg. left or right, cast iron construction.
  • 4400 rpm spindle speed, sealed ball bearings, dual V-belt drive.
  • dual cam vises open to 6″,
  • OSHA safety clam shell blade guard.
  • Standard dual cam lock vises.
  • Positive index holes with locking pin
  •  Up/down stops.
  • Capacities: 2″x6″ @ 90 deg, 4″ x 3.5″ @ 45 degrees
  • Magnetic switch, 450 lbs
  • Model: KM14HS-1,  5 hp.1 ph, 220 volt
  • Model” KM14HS-3 , 5 hp, 3 ph, 220/440/ 575 (specify voltages)
  • Optional: 50HZ
  • CE Approved