5C, 5C Collet Indexing Fixture

  • Index fixture with 24 space ring and draw nut.(index rings 0-36 spaces available)
  • For drilling, milling, grinding and locating angles.
  • Index ring easily changed by pulling spindle out and sliding new ring on.
  • Use in vertical position with angle plate.
  • Precision ground spindle.
  • Rugged, Plate can be bolted to top for drill bushing.
  • Quality built in Kalamazoo, MI
  • Model : #5C complete with 24 space index ring and draw nut.
  • Options:
    • AT standard tailstock # AT
    • AS stub arbor w/ 1″ -10 thd. # AS
    • AR-20 20 space index ring
    • AR-36 36 space index ring
    • LC Lever collet closer. # LC ( see product index)
  • Made in USA!



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